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College, it turns out, also happens to be a wakeup call: only about half (41.4 percent of female, 50.6 percent of male, and 57.1 percent of transgender/genderqueer/nonconforming/variant/cisgender students) say they had “realistic expectations” about dating when they came to BU; 48.4 percent of female respondents say their love life has been disappointing.

One anonymous female student who commented on the survey believes that dating is a thing of the past, at least among college students.

“When you’re trying to grow and figure your life out, it’s important to experience bonds beyond friendship and beyond hookup partners,” she writes.

“It’s a shame that I’m leaving BU in May without having had a single relationship, not even a close one.

The worms are primarily sold to gardeners who use them in their compost piles.

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Some are shipped to bait shops and anglers, but the majority are delivered around the country and occasionally Canada to live out their years in compost where they eat and continue their busyness.

Ed Uhlenhake uses a pitchfork to reveal red worms feeding in a pile of cattle manure at his town of Willow farm northeast of Richland Center.

The manure they devour in the town of Willow northeast of here is from grass-fed beef cattle and comes out the other end as fresh-smelling, finely-ground mulch. When the mature, three-inch red worms are not eating, they’re busy getting busy to grow their community of hardy eaters who live part of their lives in dirt piles near Little Willow Creek in rural Richland County about an hour northwest of Madison.

Very few of the worms are skewered with a fishing hook and gobbled up by a blue gill, perch or the resident brook trout.