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Those who elect to pay their fees through FNB may wait up to six months for their papers to be delivered‚ during which their employers may dismiss them for being unlicensed‚ Denosa said.If a solution for the poor servicing of nurses is not found urgently‚ Denosa will urge its 80‚000 members to withhold payment of their 2018 fees.“Our members are spending so much money‚ energy and time traveling to SANC from all provinces if they are to get their receipt on time‚ which should not be the case in this day and age of technological advancement.”Denosa suggested SANC deduct its fees directly from the salaries of government employees‚ with permission‚ and demanded the council opens provincial offices.“Lastly‚ the online payment should at least be created as in yesterday‚” it said.To say we have been frustrated is putting it modestly‚” it said.A year ago SANC presented its plan for a feasibility study for the establishment of regional offices at the South African Nurses Conference.Last week a Kwa Zulu-Natal woman collapsed in the queue as she waited to renew her license and the licences of some of her colleagues.

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After they protested for 15 minutes, five parents were asked, to meet the district education officer (secondary) Sarabjit Singh.

(top) What if I am unable to pay the required tuition and fees by the published deadline?

Other financial options may be available to you, such as financial aid, scholarships and a payment plan.

A parent, Jasbir Singh, alleged, “My daughter was thrashed by one of the female teachers in the school for not submitting the school fee.” Several parents also said that the school authorities were being unfair to the students about the pending fee issue.

One of the protesting parent said, “The school authorities are not allowing the students to attend classes.