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The National Archives Library has directories from the 46th Congress to date and scattered ones from the 32d to the 43d Congress.Note: The Congressional Directory has been the official handbook for the Congress since 1821 and is also widely used by Federal agency officials and the general public. Members of the administrations of George Washington to Ronald W.

This Report is located: https:// This is a requirement to reduce bad or incorrectly formatted links in files thats show up on the group Link Report located here: technical guide covers what you need to know to be an administrator in two parts, this first part deals with directory and file naming and book bibliography, while the second part goes over html guidelines.Three editions, 1935, 1936, and 1937-39, were each in looseleaf form and revised by adding and substituting new pages.As the official handbook of the Federal Government, the Manual provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.Health authorities are required to keep confidential records for the shortest practical time, though some hospitals may have older records.Administrative records of hospitals are normally closed for 30 years and patients’ records for 100 years.