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For today’s gangs of professional cyber criminals, few things are sacred, and true love certainly isn’t one of them.

Fake wedding invitations have been a standard spam attack for years, but cyber criminals have begun to play longer, more complex games to lure in victims.

Recently I was e-mailed, via, by an attractive woman (to the extent that profile pictures can be trusted, anyway) named Kathleen.

I love that name, and her profile made her sound like someone I’d be interested in talking to a bit more, so I replied. I love skiing, although I’m not great at it and I haven’t been on the hill since I annihilated my knees a few years back.

The key to the effective use of humor when it comes to flirting is wit. In many ways, it’s a verbal back-and-forth; it’s more dance than duel, where the goal is for both parties to enjoy themselves rather than one person or the other wounding or insulting the other.

It’s as much an exercise in improvisation as it is flirting, both of you riffing on a topic, whether it’s a temporary role-play or treating your partner like they are your bratty little sibling.

The bad thing is that somehow the place encourages us to define ourselves as a checklist of things we like to do.

The FBI issued an official warning this year, saying that women over 40 were particularly at risk.Sadly, these can include ‘love affairs’ on dating sites that are faked purely to steal.Criminals use fake profiles, and attempt either to dupe a lover into sending money, or installing malware on their computer.What bantering is is being coarse, rude or insulting.One of the biggest issues I’ve seen in dating circles are people who seem to mistake being an asshole for being funny.