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The short answer to the question 'should you buy an older mobile home and remodel it? You absolutely should buy an older mobile home and remodel it if you can find a home with a sound structure and you can do some of the updates yourself.If Mobile Home Living is extremely lucky to receive so many reader submissions every month.Reassess what you have Sometimes updating your home can be as easy as moving your furniture around or giving it away items you no longer need or want.Walk through your home and reassess what you have in the respective rooms.

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We didn't believe it either, until we were told to place a finger over the vases of flowers in photos. "It's more natural if you use a mix of open and closed buds," she says.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of investment to add a lot of value to your home.

You can start seeing instant payback with maintenance projects that keep your home running smoothly, such as replacing furnace filters, or upgrades, like new appliances, that help save on energy costs.

From the outside, this Jayc Guy Bonin has always been a bit of a handyman.

That's probably why his friends gave him this an old single wide.