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But Amanda Jones completely infatuates him and changes everything. Keith stops and stares at her, bites his bottom lip a little holding back a smile. And yes, I think Keith was my inspiration for loving Beta Heroes so much. She's been meaning to cancel out on the date but chickens out or something. On a summer afternoon at a café in Santa Monica, I started with the one question that I had to get out of the way: why Molly Ringwald didn't marry the man I thought she should have. I ran out of time and had to go shoot another picture. John would have been very surprised that he was being saluted at the Oscars. Instead, there was a horror film montage that went on twice as long. I idolized her, and she was exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. He gets just about everything that one needs to get from that picture from the words alone.It's logical that you should have married Matthew Broderick. Our segment was supposed to have been longer, but the producers cut it. MORE INTERVIEWS: Eleanor Barkhorn: Rosanne Cash on Writing, Country Music, and Her Father Alex Remington: Deadspin Founder on the Future of Sports, Movies Douglas Gorney: Bill Mc Kibben: How Our Economy is Killing the Earth What films do you think best reflect what it means to be a teenager? Splendor in the Grass is an excellent movie about teenagers. And Gena Rowlands, who played my mom in my first picture, Tempest—I watched all the movies she made with John Cassavetes. The other day, I saw Emma Thompson in Last Chance Harvey. Now the truth can be told: in your movie Pretty in Pink, wasn't your character, Andie Walsh, just a little bit attracted to Steff, played by James Spader? it’s hard because they haven’t been able to get money for it.So hopefully they’ll get money for it and we’ll be able to talk about it one day ’cause it’ll be happening, but it’s not [right now].

Come on, you know how much this movie made you cheer, sigh, and almost cry. He closes the space between them, picks her up and they kiss, spin, and kiss some more. @Bungluna I love the way she stares at him in some scenes, it takes my breath away. :) @Mochabean There is a book version where Watts does just that! If you're part of the MTV Generation and you went to movies in the 1980s, she's practically a touchstone. I consider myself a spiritual person, but I don't believe in organized religion at all. Julianne Moore is a redhead who's doing really well. You write that you're a redhead in color and personality. We're a little more offbeat—and we're harder to anesthetize. Well, I have a really great family, and they're protective. But I'm a private person and I just don't understand the appeal of making mistakes on a grand scale. People turn to addictions to relieve whatever pain is intolerable to them in their lives, and show business certainly isn't the easiest and most sane career to choose. If I ever write a straight autobiography, it won't be for many years.Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, playing Andie Walsh, the redhead from the wrong side of the tracks, in love with a "richie." "If somebody doesn't believe in me," she tells him, "I can't believe in them."Writer-director John Hughes certainly believed in Ringwald. I applied and got accepted, but went to Paris instead. I went there for work, but I fell in love with Paris—and then I fell in love with a guy from Paris. I learned to speak French, worked in French, and traveled all over. You were making all these movies, and then just left the business behind. Is there a prejudice against redheads in Hollywood? Plus, I was always too curious about life and education. I knew that if I went down the road of drugs and alcohol that I would basically die. I think I'd have to wait until certain people are gone (laughs).Far from an easy sell commercially, the pic deserves careful handling by a specialty distrib capable of connecting with younger auds bound to see themselves reflected in the characters.While Hollywood happily caters to teens in order to cash in at the box office, members of that age group are rarely depicted on screen with the sort of dignity and respect Joris-Peyrafitte and his co-writer Madison Harrison afford them here.