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Actually, it is on my second visit that I start savouring the tastes -with a crisper selection, dropping the also rans. A must see, this is the final weekend of an exhibit that sheds light on the late artist Dan Christensen (1942 - 2007) and the poetics of Elaine Grove, whose inventive sculpture anchors the room with a protean energy.She has written to health authorities ‘‘in the hope that there is some mechanism by which Reid can receive a compassionate supply of growth hormone therapy’’.The one cuisine in the Southeast Asian circuit that is yet to reach mainstream popularity like its contemporaries, is Burmese.Instead, he is destined to remain bedridden because the medication he needs to simply get around has been suddenly withdrawn from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.‘‘I don’t want my boy stuck in his bed for the rest of his life,’’ his mother Amie said.‘‘It’s hard enough for kids with disabilities, and even though Reid handles all the pain and everything with a smile, this is just appalling.’’Reid, from Buchanan near Kurri Kurri, was born with multiple physical and mental disabilities and diagnosed with a rare endocrine condition as a baby.

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It wouldn’t be *that* weird to assume that, for the most part, the majority of people would agree that hooking up with someone is a great, wonderful thing. If you like them, they like you, and you have found yourself on the hookup spectrum with them, there should be no cause for complaint. I mean this both figuratively–in the sense that your thoughts and worries might grow to a neurotic fever pitch that can really mess things up for you in the midst of a hookup–and literally, in the sense that, as a result of overthinking things, your fine motor skills get a little messed up. My first visit to the 12-seater restaurant is much planned.The excitement is about catching up with an old friend and trying to discover the cuisine rather than the space.A near perfect union of Grove's collage motifs and Christensen's early Bar Paintings, the show allows both artists, married for 28 years, to shine.Grove's sculpture moves from lively constructivist notions to gestural drawings in space.