So who ispoppy montgomery dating on without a trace

It was that simple." Montgomery portrayed Samantha Spade for seven seasons, from when the show began on 26 September 2002 until it ended on .That same year, she began to star in the CBS police drama Unforgettable as Carrie Wells, a former homicide detective with hyperthymesia which allows her to have perfect recall, who is convinced to join the NYPD in Queens by her ex-boyfriend, after leaving Syracuse because of the investigation into her sister's murder being shut down. The first season ran from 20 September 2011 until , and the show was initially cancelled by CBS on .

She played FBI agent Samantha Spade on the CBS mystery drama Without a Trace from 2002 to 2009, and played Detective Carrie Wells on the CBS/A&E police drama Unforgettable from 2011 to 2016.Montgomery will play Julie, flight director for the Durga Mission.Giuntoli plays Stevenson, an astronaut and the Durga Mission’s commander.Giuntoli serves as the male lead, playing an astronaut named Stevenson, commander of the pilot’s central task called the Durga Mission. Montgomery will play Julie, the Durga Mission’s flight director.The Giuntoli/Montgomery duo join the already-cast Levi Fiehler (The Fosters), who plays the center’s computer-code-minded director and Nestor Serrano (The Last Ship).