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Katy Lewis was cleaning the office at home one Saturday last month when she noticed a piece of paper screwed up on the floor behind the wicker bin.

On it her husband Robert had written the names and numbers of two women.

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Now I know you guys out there probably think this is very unfair, well it is!

'My stomach churned,' remembers Katy, 38, a legal executive from Manchester.

Believe me, there are good and bad on both sides of the sexual divide, bad behaviour isn't defined by your sex. Most guys are on here because (b) it is 'cheaper to keep her'. Have most guys really told you that or is that an assumption?

'Property professionals have been hit hard by the recession.

He was irritable, couldn't sleep, didn't want sex and would row with me over the slightest thing.

The truth is that Raquel and most love junkies are addicted to the feeling of excitement that uncertainty brings.

So many people are worrying about job security or finding a job and is a great way to relieve that stress.' With the internet making it so easy for.