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For more information about how and where to change your address, continue reading the sections below: Prior to changing address when moving within the state or from out of state, drivers need to prepare certain documentation that may vary depending on the state where they plan to live.In addition, the official address change documents may vary based on the method you plan to use for the change of your residential address.Motorists must request a DMV change of address in order to update the information on their DMV records, driving licenses, car registration and title certificates.In addition, drivers need to report their address change to their car insurance companies in order to avoid mistakes for the payments.This will give the state ample time to process your renewal and mail your new license to you before it expires.If, for some reason, your drivers license has expired, you will need to visit the Secretary of State’s office as soon as possible.

An official address change is required when drivers have moved within the state or from out of state.For that reason, they must submit address change forms and additional documentation — that may vary between states — in order to prove their move from one address to another.Motorists have several address changing methods such as in person, by mail and online, depending on the DMV regulations of the state where they will live.The requirements for renewing your drivers license depend on the type of license that you have. Everyone renewing their license in Illinois will need to take a written exam every 8 years or sooner, depending on whether or not you’ve gotten any traffic violations.If you are renewing at the Secretary of State’s office you will also need to take a vision test.